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These winter de-icing products may help keep you're snow and ice levels down. When applied before a storm, the de-icer helps prevent snow and ice build up. When applied after a storm, our de-icer has a great melting component which will break down the snow and ice, which means that you will use less salt as a result. We deliver these de-icing salts to both residential and commercial accounts alike.

Ice Patrol is a highly efficient and cost effective product for melting ice and snow. Smaller crystals melt on contact, while larger crystals provide longevity and instant traction. Optimally sized granules flow freely through commercial spreaders.

​​​Calcium chloride pellets

PELADOW ice melt is considered to be one of the most effective and powerful ice melters on the market today. PELADOW melts ice upon contact and continues to melt ice at temperatures reaching as low as 25 degrees below zero. Customers also appreciate the fact that PELADOW is safe to use and does not chemically damage concrete.

55 - 50 lb. bags per pallet

49 - 50 lb. bags per pallet

ice patrol rock salt

De-Icing Products