• High Purity Solar Crystals with Rust Remover ​(50lb) 
  • High Purity Solar Crystals without Rust Remover
  • Available in 40 and 50 lb. bags. 


  • Free delivery within a 30 mile radius of Freehold, NJ and a minimum 20 bag order 
  • Free tank filling with delivery
  • Free bag removal​- High Volume Discounts 


​​​Up to 85% of American households are affected by hard water.​

"From our warehouse to your basement."

​Do you have spotty dishes? Buildup in your shower? How about dry, itchy skin? Or laundry that feels like sandpaper? Then you may have hard water. And you’re not alone. Hard water affects three out of four households in the U.S.

The solution is to soften your water. Morton® Water Softening Salts can help as it is the #1 brand of water softening salt.

​​​Professional Grade Rust Remover Crystals are the best on Market. .

Product Description



  • Less soap is required to clean your clothes.
  • Unpleasant water stains will be easier to remove from tubs.
  • Hair and skin will feel replenished. Dishes will look less spotty.
  • Your pipes and appliances will also have less buildup over time, helping you reduce the amount of maintenance and repairs required.

Soft water will help save you time, money, and have you feeling at your best.

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Solar crystals are harvested from solar beds formed naturally by the sun and wind. The crystals are brine washed, dried, and screened to ensure high purity and uniform crystals.

Key Features & Benefits:
•99% + Sodium Chloride
•Low insoluble content for mineral tank clean out
•Most economical
•NSF registered
•Most Popular
Water softening Crystals with Rust Remover added are produced from 99.9% pure evaporated salt, virtually eliminating brine tank clean out. These salt Crystals are designed to ensure uniform dissolving, producing a clean brine. Crystals  contain an effective rust inhibitor and cleansing agent to help prevent rust build-up and improve performance.

Key Features & Benefits:
•99.9% Pure Sodium Chloride
•Pure evaporated salt with RUST REMOVER added
•Reduces bridging in brine tank
•FDA approved additive to help combat iron in water
•NSF registered

​Rust Remover Avalable in 50 lb. Bags

​Solar Crystals our Blue bag available 

​in 40 lb. Bags

Water Softening Salt